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Arroz con Pollo

Written and Produced by: Michelle Colón

Directed by: Michelle Colón

Director of Photography: 


Michelle Colón as Lena

Marco Baez as Tony

Clip from Arroz con Pollo, a short film. Life is like a pot of arroz con pollo, a mixture of everything in the pantry, time and a whole lot of love. 

El Cardenal

Written by: Michelle Colón

Music by: Haley Romero and Michelle Colón

Directed by: Cayla Zeek

Visuals by: Cayla Zeek


Michelle Colón as The Woman

Haley Romero as The Cardinal

This short film was created for the "Reclaiming Freedom project" organized by musician (Seratones) and activist, A.J. Haynes. The project seeks to bring awareness on the injustice against women and their freedom and right to choose and inspire people to vote NO on Amendment One.  Amendment One would strip the most oppressed Louisianans of bodily autonomy and the ability to make the best -- or any -- decisions for themselves and their family. We need a government and elected officials who are committed to making lives better, not taking rights away. 

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