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At The Londrimat with Jaik Faulk
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Jaik Faulk is the new Visual Arts Director at Acadiana Center for the Arts and has been and is still currently the Visual Arts Curator at Basin Arts. He's a graduate from Portland State University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Painting and he also graduated with an MFA in Painting from SFAI in San Francisco. 


He is the host of critique night at Basin Arts. Critique night is a once a month gathering where three artists submit their work to be critiqued and to get feedback on where they are in their works. Jaik always asks the questions so now, we got to ask him the questions and hear what this new role in arts in Acadiana entails and more. 



Photo by James Billeaudeau

Styled by Holly Harrison and Michelle Colón

Clothing from Cobra Club Vintage 

Please Note: This episode was recorded for, now

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